Curling iron, which one to choose?

The curling iron is the ideal accessory to change your hairstyle and style according to your desires, moods or occasions. Perfect for obtaining beautiful curly hair, which is always on trend, beauty is quick and effective.

Easy to handle, curling irons can be used on any type of dry, mid-length or long hair, provided that you choose the one that best corresponds to the result you want to obtain. Several criteria can help direct your choice towards one model rather than another. Long thick hair requires wide shafts which will turn it into beautiful wavy hair. To achieve a more natural movement, medium-length hair needs a curling iron with an intermediate diameter. Small, tight curls are obtained with rather fine models. With larger models, it should be remembered that the hair will be more wavy than curly. The manufacturing materials are also important: ceramic, tourmaline or titanium do not damage the hair. However, specialists advise not to use the curling iron more than three times a week in order to preserve the beauty of the hair. Finally, each device has its own heating time, and a specific maximum temperature. It is also sometimes equipped with accessories.

If you have trouble finding your way among all the curling iron references available on the market, here are some suggestions to make the right choice. the options are numerous and each model will have its particularities. From the coating, to the accessories, to the heating speed, everyone has the hair curler adapted to their needs. Discover our selection of several models of curling irons to help you see what we find on the market and make up your mind.

How to use a curling iron?

To get beautiful curls, you need to know how to use a curling iron. The ideal is to use your curling iron on hair washed the day before, the curls will hold better. Do not hesitate to apply a curl definition spray after washing, to prepare your hair for the curler. Your hair must be perfectly dry so as not to damage it with the heat. Grab a strand and wrap it around the curling iron all the way, let it sit for a few seconds and repeat on another strand. You don’t have to curl your hair all the way, you can just do the ends.

How to choose your curling iron?

There are plenty of hair curlers on sale. To make the best choice, start by looking at the diameter, this will define the width of your curls. You should also consider the temperature that your iron can reach. For small loops, we recommend a higher temperature. Depending on the model, the coating will differ. Ceramic is a must to avoid damaging your hair when curling.

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