The birth of curlers

A hair curler, characterized in that there is an elongated cylindrical core body made hollow and provided with a through hole and a cover body. Only one end of the left and right sides of the core body is provided with a hollow part The outer part of the core body is covered with a highly hygroscopic porous material; the top of the cover body is the same length as the core body and is deep arched. The left and right side walls of the cover body have the same width as the core body. The radius of the groove is roughly the same.

A hair curler composed of a hollow and elongated core body with through holes and a cover body. The left and right poles of the core body are only equipped with openings through which the hollow parts communicate, and the texture is wrapped in moisture absorption. Strong raw material; the top of the upper cover body and the core body are the same length. Let out the opening of the core body of the above structure, make the air breathing of the raw material gas, make the raw material material absorb moisture, press down the pre-heated cover of the hair in this state of the core material, and clamp the hair Live, keep this state until the high temperature and humidity are cooled.

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