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12 2022.01.14

[Introduction] Can you be capricious if you look good? NO! NO! NO! If the hairstyle is not right, the beauty is all clouds! So, here comes the problem. What hairstyle looks best? As the saying goes: if you can’t make up your mind, just follow suit. Now that curly hair is in vogue, let’s get a perm! At this point, the problem comes again. What curly hairstyles look best? The undecided sisters may wish to try the popular curly hair, maybe the next IT GIRLS is you!

Popular Curly Hairstyles

Want to make your curly hair the most fashionable and stylish? Then you need to understand the current popular curly hair first! Follow me to find the fashion point and be promoted to the next IT GIRLS!


The fluffy fashionable curly hair and the radian of the big waves make the hair volume look very full, and the sparse bangs design makes the face more delicate.


The long wavy hair is casually draped over the shoulders, which is beautiful and natural; the air bangs that are rolled inwards look quite ladylike, and the dark hair color also looks very fresh.


This is a rather sweet style of Korean curly hair. The partial bangs create a unique temperament. At the same time, it has an excellent face-lifting effect. Combined with the sweet smile of the girl, it is very flattering.

Popular Curly Hair Yypes

There are many types of curly hair, the more common are braided perm, spiral perm, direct perm, silver perm, ion perm, ceramic perm, root perm, fiber perm, chemical perm, physical perm, etc. Which of these various types of curly hair is currently in vogue? Let’s find out together below.

1. Spiral perm: Since it is called a spiral perm, the shape is naturally the same as the spiral shape. The method is to coil the hair around the curling iron to perm.

2. Digital perm: This is a relatively novel way of perming, the temperature will not be too high when perming, and the curling arc will not be too large.

3. Chestnut perm: Women who want to do this style must be more patient, because pulling the hair several times not only takes time, but also more painful.

4. Chestnut perm: Women who want to do this style must be more patient, because pulling the hair several times not only takes time, but also more painful.

5. SPA thermal perm: This is a new perm method that can protect the hair, which is not only beautiful but also can help the hair increase nutrition.

Popular curly hair tying methods

Qiānpiānyīlǜ de juǎnfǎ zǒng ràng rén juédé píngfán wúqù, suǒyǐ bùrú lái xué jǐ kuǎn juǎnfǎ zhā fǎ ba! Dòng yīdòng shǒuzhǐ, jiù néng dǎzào chū shǔyú zìjǐ de xīn shuǐ fǎxíngle ó. Nàme, dāngxià liúxíng nǎxiē juǎnfǎ zhā fǎ? Xiàmiàn yī qǐlái kàn kàn ba. Style1 1, jiāng tóufǎ fēnchéng xiǎo shù, yòng xiǎo juǎnfǎ bàng jiāng fā wěi shāowéi nòng juǎnqū. 2, Yòng jiān tóu shū jiāng fā xiàn fēn hǎo, zuì hǎo chéngxiàn chū bōlàng qǐfú de gǎnjué. 3, Jiāng liúhǎi tóufǎ xiàng hòu niǔzhuǎn gùdìng, zuìhòu zài yòng fàqiǎ gùdìng niǔzhuǎn tóufǎ. Style2 1, xiān bǎ tóudǐng qū hé liǎng cè tóufǎ qǔchū, yòng xiàng jīn gùdìng de shíhòu yào jiāng fā shù bǎng gāo yīdiǎn, chéng gāo mǎwěi zhuàng. 2, Zài liǎng cè chā shàng fā shū, ránhòu jiāng tóudǐng de tóufǎ chōuchū, yǐ dǎzào péngsōng ér kēngkēngwāwā de gǎnjué. Style3 1, shūlǐ yīxià zhǎng fā, ránhòu jiāng tóufǎ fēnchéng liǎng bùfèn hòu biān chéng biànzi. 2, Zuìhòu jiāng biànzi chánrào chéng huābāo tóu hòu yòng fǎ jiā gùdìng, dài shàng fā gū jí kě.展开volume_up317 / 5,000


The same curly hair always makes people feel ordinary and boring, so let’s learn a few curling methods! Move your finger and you can create your own hairstyle. So, which curly hairstyles are popular today? Let’s take a look at it together.

Style 1

  1. Divide your hair into small bundles, and use a small curling iron to slightly curl the ends of your hair.
  2. Use a pointed comb to divide the hairline, preferably showing a wavy feeling.
  3. Twist and fix the bangs hair back, and finally fix the twisted hair with a hairpin.

Style 2

  1. First take out the hair on the top of the head and on both sides. When fixing it with a rubber band, tie the hair bundle a little higher and make it into a high ponytail.
  2. Insert a hairbrush on the sides and pull out the top of your head to create a fluffy, craggy look.

Style 3

  1. Comb your long hair, then divide it into two parts and braid it. ​​
  2. Finally, wrap the braid into a circle and fix it with a hair clip, then put on a hair band.

How to Make Trendy Curls Yourself

Always struggling with your hairstyle before dating? Indeed, it would be too boring if it was the same as when you were at work. But going to the hair salon to do a look seems to be too exaggerated. At this time, ladies may wish to make their own popular curly hair! Let’s learn how to make popular curly hair together, and you can definitely become a fashionista in seconds!

Tools: Curling Iron

Always struggling with your hairstyle before a date? Indeed, it would be too boring if it were the same as at work. But going to the hair salon to do a styling seems to be too exaggerated. At this time, ladies may wish to make their own trendy curls! Let’s learn how to make popular curly hair together, and it will definitely make you a fashionista in seconds!

Tool: curling iron


  1. Starting from the hair in front of you, divide the hair into small sections and use a curling iron to clip the ends of the hair. In addition, the inner roll is cute, and the outer roll is Western-style. You can decide whether to iron the inner or outer rolls according to your own needs. The following is the method of rolling inward.
  1. After the hair ends are flat and clipped, remember to stand up the curling iron and roll it up, so that the shape will look good. Then wait, if the clip is thicker, it may take longer.
  2. According to the second step, you can curl the sections of hair in turn, and finally finish: when the top of the head is reached, pull the hair inwards in an arc, so that the hair on the top of the head does not stick to the scalp, and create a Slight fluffy feeling.

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