The curling iron will not leave pinch marks when used in this way

11 2022.01.12

How to curl hair without clip mark

1. First, you must know the structure of the curling iron.

The electric rod is mainly heated through the tubular electric rod in the middle. In addition, the hair is clamped with a clip, which is better to curl the hair. The most common clip marks are usually here, so you must pay special attention! The root of the hair must be parallel to the part where the hair is clamped, and if it is vertical, there will be a pinching mark.

2. Do not use too much hair when you roll

When curling, pay attention not to have too much hair. Many people curl a lot of hair at one time in order to save time. I would like to say that this is faster, but too many hair bundles can easily cause the hair to be unevenly heated, and the curl will disappear at once. It is recommended not to curl too much hair at one time!

3. It’s important to clamp

The hair stylist said that it is very important to “clamp” when the hair is clamped. Don’t clamp the hair when it is just rolled up and vertical. It should be curled first and then clamped, so as to reduce the pulling of the hair, Hair curls will also be more natural.

How to use plastic curling iron

Step 1: Wash and dry the hair first, cut it into a proper shape, then comb it in layers and roll it up;

Step 2: Before styling, spray the conditioner evenly on the hair. It can not only reduce the damage to the hair, but also make the curls more durable;

Step 3: Use a pointed-tail comb to divide the U area on the top of the head. The U area is divided into two parts in the front and back. The back part is made to be curled inward, and the hair in the U area is part of the hair. When curling, the curls that are vertical to the ground will make the head shape fuller and appear more volume;

Step 4: The hair outside the U area is divided vertically according to the amount of hair, and the lower half of the hair is curled from the inner side using a curling iron. Pay attention to reserve the hair in the bangs and not curl it, starting from the hair behind the ears;Step 6: After curling, gently insert your fingers into the roots of the hair, and gently separate the curls to make the curls more natural;

Step 5: After curling the lower half of the hair, put down the hairpin on the head, and then start to curl the upper half of the hair;

Step 6: After curling, gently insert your fingers into the roots of the hair, and gently separate the curls to make the curls more natural;

Step 7: Spray the styling spray on the hair to make the curls last longer; in the process of styling, everyone should pay attention to the hair shape and length of their hair, and choose curlers of different diameters for each part. However, it is best to have at least two and a half turns of hair in each curl.

What hairstyle does soft hair suit

If you have a big head and a lot of hair, it is easy to resemble a rough lion head, and if you have less hair and soft hair, it will be even worse. Perming the roots will make the hair look more, and heavy shoulder-length hair can press the roots of the hair to the sides, so that it will not be particularly fluffy, and it will also narrow the head circumference on both sides. How to keep the balance between the hair looking fluffy and not showing a big head is the biggest problem for most girls with large head circumference. They are afraid that the hair will be too oily and cling to the scalp, and that the hair will be too fluffy will make them look big! So take this into consideration when choosing a shampoo to find the one that suits your hair type.

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