Sexy and Retro Curly Hair, Hidden in These Movies

22 2021.12.09

Different people have different understandings of sexy. Some people like big booty and some people appreciate the beautiful back. But for me, good-looking hairstyles have a fatal attraction, so when I heard the second season of “London Life” Lines edited by Liffey: Hair is everything, I feel particularly embarrassing.
I personally think that hairstyles are also divided into seasons. When the wind blows in winter, a thick and messy curly hair can even bless the lazy style and sexy. If the black hair is long, straight and gentle like water, it is like an untamed exquisite stunner, and curly hair comes with tens of thousands of styles, it is like a arrogant beauty who does not follow the common sense and ignores the secular.
In the past two years, the retro style has rebounded, and curly hair has also caught the nostalgic train. Whether it is Latin American rolls or wool rolls, lazy sexy is added to this.

It is said that fashion is a circle, this circle not only exists in the outfit, but also in the hairstyle. The curly hair that has become popular recently appeared in the movie many years ago. The different female protagonists wear curly hair with a personality matching index of up to 90%, all catching people’s attention. After half a century, these curly hair have become popular again, no wonder there is always a kind of familiarity.


《Big Fish》

Messy bob head

The first time I watched “Big Fish” was when I was a student who used soft and long hair as beauty. Sandra gently broke into my sight with shoulder-length blond curly hair, opening up my cognition of aesthetic diversity.
Where she appears in the film, they all seem to have soft light effects.

Different from the quiet bob head, the bob head that incorporates the double-C volume has a lighter and energetic air feel, and it can also create a touching hair volume.
In this era of bald heads, people with more hair will wake up from a dream.

Sandra’s medium-length blonde curly hair with inner buckle has a little more sweet atmosphere and also picks the style. Nowadays, short hair enthusiasts generally use loose big waves and water wave textures to create a sassy messy beauty, and the eclectic hair ends are more flexible.
It is especially beautiful when it is eaten with street style and American retro style.

Fashion blogger Alexa Chung’s face is very neutral, with protruding cheekbones, which is the kind of tough face (me too). Use curvy hairstyles to modify the face shape, which can fill in the recesses as well as the protruding cheekbones.

The upper part of the ears fits the scalp. Starting from the base of the ears, roll a C-shape that opens into the face, and then roll a C-shape that opens out of the face at the chin. It not only weakens the cheekbones, but also her straightforward and elegant British beauty. It also fits well.

This hairstyle is also very suitable for wearing a hat, whether it is an elegant beret or a furry fisherman hat. The hair ends that seem to be messy, but are actually very neat, bring out the elegance of England.

Spanish blogger celcuervo is also a heavy user of messy bobheads. Different from Miss Zhong’s double C, she directly curls a C on the end of her hair, and then looks at the inner or outer buckle according to the match of the day.

It doesn’t have to be a diamond face or a neutral look that can handle a big curly bob head. Lisa is a fleshy baby face, which is also very suitable for wavy bob hair, showing the exquisite mixed blood feeling to the fullest. The wavy double C+ has a certain thickness at the end of the hair, which seems to have the effect of a face-lift and a small face, and a half-ball head is more playful and age-reducing.

In addition to double C or big C, the combination of loose big waves and water wave texture is also very popular among European and American bloggers.

Speaking of short hair and high-value bloggers, I have to mention Turkish blogger Yaprak Medine. She has always been a playful bob with curly hair, and her daily style is full of cool: unisex jacket, soft cute plush cardigan, chic windbreaker, sweet or salty .

Girls with short hair can also be sexy, cute and cool.

Yaprak’s facial features are exquisite and small, and her face is perfect, so although her bob head is fluffy and messy, it has a retro and lazy beauty that Barbie ignores secular prejudices.


《Love and Elixir》

Literary retro wool roll

When I watched “Love and Elixir”, I was fascinated by Maggie played by Anne Hathaway. The lush curly hair always reminded me of the drenching tropical, mysterious and full of vitality. When I grew up, I learned that the hair style I liked back then had a hairy name, called wool curls.

The name of the hairstyle exactly matches the fluffy feeling it shows: soft, smart, warm, friendly, and irresistible.

Wool curls are fluffy, retro and energetic. Therefore, wool curls are not suitable for large volume and thick hair, and will be like an explosive mushroom.

From movies to life, girls in the 21st century have only increased their love of retro wool rolls in the 90s. The advantage of just covering the face and showing a small face is enough to make people feel excited, not to mention other things.

Dorit Revelis, a model from Israel, is a natural wool roll, even though she is passionate and sexy dressed like a high school student in California, and a touch of brown curly hair just right enhances her own femininity, between half-baked and young girls Take the balance.

It is undeniable that woolen rolls can neutralize the young girl’s youthful face and mature feminine dressing style.

Dorit’s private wear range is also very wide, and it will not be limited to a certain style. Oversize shirts, fashionable suits, and age-reducing vests are simple yet individualized, sexy or sunny, and the students come in handy.

Many fashion blockbusters are also in love with Dorit’s curly hair, which makes fashion more powerful. When Dorit came towards the camera, he was full of high-level sense.

Zendaya, the girlfriend of Tiancha in the hit movie “Dune” and the heroine of “Spider-Man”, recently had a lot of discussion. With African descent, she was born with her own wool rolls, adding to the exotic colors. With wheat-colored skin and tight muscle lines, it is sexy and healthy and generous.

With a very recognizable fluffy and messy wool roll, Zendaya is very popular in the fashion circle. Even if it appears in front of the camera, even if it does not do any expressions or actions, it can give the picture a strong sense of story.

Not only in Europe and America, this retro style of literature and art has also blown to the Asian region. The models in “Fudge” of Nissan are mainly wool rolls, and they are charming enough without too much decoration.

After smoothing the frizz, the wool roll has an immature plush texture, and a strong sense of vitality composes the agility of female high school students. A little curly bangs on the front of the forehead can not only modify the face, but also look like a little girl. Wearing black glasses again, the literary and artistic breath reaches the soul.


《Autumn Story》

Wild latin rolls

When I was young, I watched the Four Seasons series “Autumn Story” directed by Hou Mai. I liked the scenery of the French countryside in the film. Every frame of color is very comfortable and natural, and each set of colors is still outdated even now. The only one who doesn’t understand Ma Jiali’s hairstyle, I always feel that Latin American rolls look very unfashionable.

After I grew up, I revisited the movie to understand the fascinating part of this hairstyle. It brings beauty back to the original ecology, and the idyllic scenery has an unruly growth and a state of freedom.

Including Luo Xin, another heroine in the film, is also a Latin American volume. It seems heavy, but in fact it has a memory point. It is not only American retro, but also a bit more exotic like Latin America.

The beauty of Latin American rolls lies in the sense of frizz. Each roll is small and full of elasticity, like countless telephone wires gathered together. It is more bursting than wool rolls and full of explosive power. It is very impactful in terms of visual sense and is quite powerful. personality.

The tension of Latin American rolls is relatively low in the Asian region where softness is the beauty, but it is the favorite of ABG hot girls. The black and yellow skin is the key to the attitude.

Israeli model Eden Fines owns a natural Latin American roll that ordinary girls need to process for a few hours. With tall body, honey-colored skin, big eyes and sexy thick lips, Eden has all the looks that fashion circles like. She can often be seen appearing in various fashion blockbusters. In the lens, she can portray a profound and powerful “story” with a look in her eyes and messy hair.

Because of this highly recognizable explosive head, Eden’s style is also very interesting on weekdays and has unlimited possibilities. With a quick shot, the dark brown Latin American roll is her bonus.

What kind of dressing style can ordinary girls control with such a unique hairstyle? You can see it from the blogger Dinadeinore’s IG. Simple T-shirts and suspenders do not need to be fancy dress up, and can quickly catch people’s attention without being overly exposed. You don’t even need to use a comb, just grab it twice with your hands to show a natural and sexy state.

Latin American curls have a low degree of curling, and it takes a little bit of hair to curl up. If you use waist-length or longer hair to curl, the explosion will be relatively weak. Because it does not choose the face shape, it also has the effect of covering the face. It is the best fashionable element for retro-style hot girls. On the days when you can show your skin, wearing a simple American Apparel can also be sexy and dazzling.

If you want to be less dull, consider changing to a dark brown or dark brown hair color other than black.

The Latin American roll that refuses a single glance is also very suitable to tie two explosive balls. The croquettes of the blogger keeahwah are like two wild fluffy balls.

Wear round earrings and metal necklaces to create a strong contrast. Latin American rolls can also be lovely.


《Honey and Clover》

Atmosphere oil painting

In 2021, every time I watch “Honey and Clover”, I will be healed by Hanamoto Yu, played by Yu Aoi. I think this girl is as clean as a flying elf. The reason for this association in my mind is probably It has something to do with her curly hair like oil painting.

The moment she turned around and the wind blew, her messy hair seemed to have waves. From the camera to the rear of the camera, it was not undressed for a long time, but a natural feeling without artificial ironing.
The texture of curly hair is very weak and can not be ignored; the drape is obvious, not as easy to explode like wool curls or Latin American curls.

The reason why it is called oil painting scroll is because many of the beauties in oil paintings have such curly hair. For example, the oil painting beauty of French painter Bougueroli has curly hair as natural, soft, and irregularly curled as seaweed. There is no deliberate grandness and effort. It is more lazy and casual, and it is very suitable for daily life.

Compared with the artificial beauty traces of wool rolls, oil painting rolls = effortless fashion, which is one of the reasons why many girls fall in love with it this year: it seems casual and casual, in fact, every strand of hair is attentive.
Irregular natural hair tips, varying sizes of curls, and a slight sense of frizz, make the lazy atmosphere ready to tune out. Zheng Liyuan’s thin face is relatively faint, and the black oil painting scroll naturally becomes the focus of the eye.

The key to the style of the oil painting scroll is mostly from the bangs and sideburns. From here, the scroll can not only modify the facial problems such as sunken temples and protruding cheekbones, but also increase the cool and mysterious atmosphere.

Compared with the strong beauty and style of the big waves, the oil painting rolls are not so provocative and style. The oval face, the fleshy round face, and the pale face can be suppressed, easily forming a small and fresh style. Even a small square face with a slightly square jaw can collide with soft oil painting curls to create a more atmospheric charm.

I saw the girl with the green light on the street after get off work, and the cold wind blew her messy hair. Although she was a little embarrassed at that moment, I still found it natural and charming.

In winter, you want your hair to breathe. Compared with regular, smooth, and meticulous hair, messy curly hair seems to cater to the direction of the wind better. Walking on the road with high heels makes every moment of movement or freeze is beautiful, lazy and casually.

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