Lazy retro short curly hair, fashionable brown hair color

8 2022.01.15

In order to make their short hair more outstanding, many girls choose to dye their hair to increase their eye-catching index. Let’s take a look and recommend these brown short hair together, I believe you will like it.

With its fluffy and lazy characteristics, the short perm style has become a new favorite to kill a lot of Korean hairstyles in a simple and elegant manner. It doesn’t take a lot of time to take care of your hair after perm, it is definitely temperamental!

Such a side-parted short hairstyle, four-six points design is versatile and age-reducing, brown hair color with air perm, fresh and charming, a hairstyle suitable for light mature women.

The partial design is elegant and light and familiar, which not only shows the fashion sense of girls, but also easily shows the delicate face, and pin part of the curly hair behind the ears, so that the whole shape shows the style of a lazy goddess.

The fluffy short hair design highlights the personality, with a little retro style, and the A-shaped perm design trims the face and looks thinner, and the small fresh temperament blows.

The short brown hair looks so pure and beautiful. The short hair style is full of literary style. The inner arc of the short hair just reaching the chin creates a sense of air, and it can show the youthful and charming side more attractive.

The sense of air brings you a sweet smell, with short brown hair, it is very retro and literary, and it is super beautiful to pull one side of the hair behind the ear, which can show off the side face well.

It is really retro and has a temperament. It has a unique sense of temperament, which is very seductive and absolutely beautiful. It looks simple but not temperament, but more charming. It looks very queen-like.

Many girls also like short brown hair, which reflects their aura very well. They want their short hair to be more outstanding, fashionable, eye-catching and cute. This is definitely the best choice for young girls.

The retro flavor is very strong and has a unique flavor. After a slightly curled design, plus light-colored hair dyeing, it shows a healthy complexion and multiplies the fashion sense, showing the unique style of girls.

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