French hairstyles, the best for summer

9 2022.01.15

The natural comfort of French style,
Brighten up all summer.
In addition to simple dress,
Delicate and natural makeup,
Hair that looks unpretentious,
It is also an important sign of French style.

Lazy but delicate, charming and confident,
It’s the feeling of French style.
French women are the best at grasping fashion.
Hairstyles are a part that cannot be ignored.

The seemingly random messy hair,
The right benefits set off a calm and elegant.
Intentionally or unintentionally covering,
Can change a person’s temperament and appearance at will.

01 Artistic Lazy Curls

The language hidden in the hair is always straightforward,
The most direct first impression,
You can see a woman’s taste better than her clothes.

Tousled tousled shoulder length hair,
It doesn’t look very refined,
But it gives people a kind of casual and natural artistic texture.

Two or three friends,
A favorite french dress,
Randomly tie up long curly hair,
It is limited to a leisurely summer.

simple french hair tie,
It can be regarded as an elegant embellishment.
To create a romantic and casual French fashion,
In laziness, she maintains the lightness and charm of a woman.

Medium-length hair hangs down randomly,
It doesn’t seem to be deliberately arranged,
even a little cluttered,
The fine broken hair can coordinate the lack of facial contour,
Invisibly modify the face shape.

02 Lightweight French Short Hair

French is more than just romantic long hair,
Short hair releases the free and easy and proud of French women.

Lightweight French short hair styles are diverse,
The ends of the hair are slightly buttoned in,
Sophie Marceau-style bangs,
Like a pleasant sea breeze blowing in your face,
A little salt, a little sweet,
Just cool youth.

Just straight to the middle part of the jaw,
Handsome and neat, modify the face shape,
The femininity of French languid is fascinating.

C-shaped curls with a slight arc at the end,
It looks softer,
Reduce the strong feeling of short hair.
Floral, plaid, polka dots

Retro elements are most suitable for short hair with C curls.

Lazy natural French rolls,
Pair it with a handsome and tough shirt and suit.
Or a light and bright floral skirt,
French easy chic was born.

03 French bangs

Hairstyles can change the shape of your face,
The bangs can play a good role in modifying the face shape.
But the bangs are not very easy to take care of,
Too thick and not light enough, too thin to stick to the forehead,
Luckily French bangs can save you.

Don’t try to be neat and tidy.
The density of the French bangs is naturally trimmed properly,
The length is just over the eyebrows without blocking the line of sight.
Slightly curled bangs,
It makes the whole person look very comfortable and natural,
Maintain the natural French texture.

The curly bangs are light in layers,
The texture is fresh and bright,
Modify the face, highlight the delicate features,
Elegant and glamorous.

With a hat or headband,
Create a glamorous style with ease.
No need to do it deliberately, it can be exquisite and beautiful,
The French hairstyle is beautiful and advanced,
There is no lack of recognition.

beauty of french hairstyle,
Always natural and fascinating,
The love and imitation of the French style,
To a certain extent, it also represents our yearning for self-confidence and calmness.
change little by little,
Maybe I can show myself better,
Start with the French hairstyle this summer!

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