Curly hair or perm which is more damaging to hair?

12 2022.01.12

Difference Between Curly Hair and Perm

1. The duration is different

In many cases, the hairstyles that have been permed are permanent. Basically, the curls on the hair will be fixed after the perm, and will not recover in a short period of time. And in the perm, hair stylists will also add perm agents in it to assist in the styling effect.

But curly hair is different. Many curly hairs are disposable. Basically, they will return to their original shape after encountering water. Its lasting time is very short, and it is simply the curl created by the curling iron. No auxiliary modeling materials are added.

2. The definition of the mode is different

The perm can also be divided into cold perm and hot perm. The specific mode to use depends on your hair quality. Relatively speaking, the effect of hot perm will be better. Generally, after perm, the curl of the hair on the styling will be different. It looks softer and fluffy, and the curl of the hair after cold perm cannot achieve such a styling effect. Many times, the hair that is permed in the cold perm mode will appear harder.

The curly hair style is a one-time styling effect that is rolled with a curling iron, so the curl of the created hair looks more beautiful and beautiful. After washing the hair afterwards, it can be restored to the original appearance, which is more satisfying to everyone’s curly hair styling. requirements.

Curly hair or perm which is more damaging to hair?

The electric curling iron mainly used for curly hair also has certain damage. Generally speaking, the damage caused by the conventionally operated electric curling iron is still relatively small, but if it is improperly operated, the high temperature is heated excessively, and it is used frequently, the same will also give Hair can cause certain damage, and these invisible damages cannot be ignored.

The main reason for hair damage caused by perm is from perm water and heating equipment. After these two things are used excessively, they will cause dry and split ends to the hair. In addition to products that have undergone chemical treatment, high-temperature plasticity is also required for styling, which will directly cause damage to the hair to a certain extent.

The consequences of frequent perms

To put it simply, a perm is to keep the internal structure of the hair in a state without any protection, which will cause the loss of nutrients in the hair, and the keratin protein in the hair will also change, dryness, etc. And this situation is particularly serious for friends who often perm their hair.

How to reduce the damage of perm

1. Do not wash your hair before perm

Do we have to wash our hair before going to the salon for a perm? So let me tell you here, if you want to minimize the harm of perm to your hair, don’t wash your hair before perm, because the scalp will secrete oil, and these oils will form a protective film on the hair and hair surface, thereby reducing The damage of chemical substances such as perm agents can reduce the harm of perm.

2. Wash your hair with vinegar after perming

The highly irritating potion used in perming will make the PH value of the scalp as high as 10 or more, and the best growth environment for the scalp is in a weakly acidic environment, so most of my friends will find that they lose their hair after perming. If the situation is very serious, try adding some white vinegar to the shampoo to neutralize the PH value of the perm potion.

3. Choose a highly skilled hairdresser

Choosing a highly skilled hairdresser can definitely reduce the harm of perm by several levels. When a professional hairdresser will operate your hair, they will try to avoid dripping the perm medicine on your scalp, and at the same time, a more skilled technique will reduce pulling you It is more mature to grasp the time and steps of perm, so it is best to find a reliable hairdresser before perm.

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