Can the wig be blown with a hair dryer, and can a wig be used with a curling iron?

11 2022.01.12

Wig is a hairdressing product that many people have. When you don’t want to cut or dye your hair, wearing a wig can change your hairstyle. Many people don’t know how to use wigs. It’s better to dry wigs naturally after washing.

Can the wig be blown with a hairdryer?

Of course!

But don’t blow while combing, this will cause the wig to deform, and let it dry by itself when it is 70 to 80 percent dry. But it is recommended not to use too hot wind when blowing the wig, which will reduce the life of the wig. The wig should not be washed too frequently.

Can a wig use a curling iron?

Determined according to actual situation.

If the wig material is resistant to high temperature, you can use a curling iron to curl it directly, or go to a hairdresser to curl it like your hair. Note that to adjust the temperature of the curling iron, the high temperature wire can withstand the temperature of 180-200. If the material is not resistant to high temperatures, it cannot be curled.

Is the wig washable?

First of all, the wigs cannot be washed or blown. The wigs you buy must be very cheap fiber wigs, because this wig is easy to deform after washing and blowing, and it will also become frizzy and broken, so in order to maintain the shape of the wig and color, many people mislead to say that the less you wash the wig, the better. But in fact this statement is wrong, good wigs, such as custom-made human hair wigs, are completely washable. Not only can it be washed, but it is also very convenient. You can wash it with your hair like your own, and then use shampoo, conditioner, etc. without any problem. Another consideration from the perspective of hygiene and safety, wigs must also be cleaned regularly. Because although the wig does not secrete oil, it will inevitably be contaminated with sweat, oil, dust and some harmful substances when wearing it. Regular cleaning will prevent bacteria from growing, and this is also more conducive to our wig maintenance.

How to Comb Your Wig?

When combing the wig, the longer wig should be divided into several sections from the bottom to the top, and the comb should be light and slow in stages. If you find a knotted place, don’t pull it hard, you can apply a special maintenance solution for wigs, and then slowly untie those knotted places by hand.

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