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12 2022.01.14

France, as a global trend vane, is the birthplace of fashion trends, whether it is brand clothing or aesthetic attitude, and hairstyles are no exception. If you were to ask me what I wish for this summer, it would be to fly back to Paris and get a French hairstyle! What I love about French hairstyles is that they are natural and casual, they don’t need to be too delicate, but they just exude a charming charm. For example, the well-known French bangs must be the initial impression of French hairstyles in many people’s minds.

But the French hairstyle is not only about bangs, the French hairstyle is a general term for a hairstyle style, the essence of which is simplicity and beauty. There is a sense of languidness, and it looks a bit like just getting up and not taking care of your hair. In the hot summer, a meticulous and delicate hairstyle will inevitably look a little deliberate, but the French summer hairstyle can bring you a touch of coolness.


Classic Water Ripple Medium Long Hair

The first French hairstyle we share is the [Classic Water Ripple Medium Length Hair] created with a curling iron. The whole point of this hairstyle is: it looks natural. Compared with the big wave curls that were popular before, the water ripple curls look more like “not awake”, which is very in line with the French style of lazy style. In the hot summer, the length of the hair to the shoulders is just right, and it will not look heavy.

step 1: The first is to blow dry the hair and perform simple hair care. Note that the stylist here blows the hair with cold air. Because the cold wind is not easy to damage the hair, the air-drying effect is more natural, and the hair care products can penetrate more easily.

step 2: Use a long curling iron to curl the hair, it will be more convenient to operate, and it can curl more hair as much as possible. When curling, start from the middle of the hair, grab the ends, and let the hair rest on the curling wand for 30 seconds to help style.

Such a classic long hair with water ripples is completed~ After finishing, you can grab it with your hand, and it will look more natural if it becomes messy.


  1. Drying the hair with cold air is not easy to damage the hair quality, and the air-drying effect is more natural
  2. It is more convenient to use a long curling rod to clip the hair, which can curl as much hair as possible
  3. When curling hair, start rolling from the middle of the hair, avoid the root of the hair, so as to avoid burning the scalp
  4. Let the hair stay on the curling wand for 30 seconds to help with styling


Side braid hair

Next, let’s move on to the second hairstyle [side braided hair]

This is a simple braid, the steps are easy to learn, and it can create a romantic princess hair style.

Step 1: First, weave a small braid on the left and right sides. It should not be too tight. It is enough to braid the braid to the half-length part, and there is no need to braid it to the end.

Step 2: Connect the braids to the back of the head with a rubber band, and clip a few hairpins to fix it.

step 3:Take out the hair from the top of the head and cover the two braids. The exposed forehead is very refreshing, and the two connected braids are also hidden perfectly from the back.

Let’s review:

  1. Don’t braid too tightly, it can be braided loosely, even if it is not well braided
  2. Don’t braid the braid to the end, so that the braid ends can be well integrated into the hair
  3. Pull out a lock of hair to cover the rubber band

Hurry up and learn, get the summer princess head easily! ~


Reverse low ponytail

The third look is a simple but stylish [reverse low ponytail]

This hairstyle has good support at the bottom, it is not easy to mess up, and it is very refreshing. It is suitable for this hairstyle when exercising.

Step 1: First tie a loose low ponytail, fix it with a rubber band, and then pull the rubber band down a little along the ponytail.

Step 2: Divide the hair above the rubber band into two parts, turn the ponytail into the hair gap separated by the rubber band, hold the hair from the inside and pass through the ponytail.

Step 3: After turning it over, pull the hair down, grab the ends of the hair, and tighten the braid to fix it, adjust it to a natural and comfortable position, and finally hide the rubber band with a hairpin.


  1. The ponytail must be loose, so that it is convenient to turn the hair in.
  2. After the hair is turned over, it is necessary to tighten it a little bit, so that the ponytail is fixed.
  3. Use hairpins and hair skillfully to hide the place where the rubber band is tied.


silk scarf ponytail

The hairstyle after the silk scarf ponytail is [silk scarf ponytail]

Some time ago, Ishihara Satomi’s silk scarf braided hair was very popular. But the silk scarf braid is easier to learn than her braid, and it saves us the time we spend on hairdos.

Step 1: First, use a comb on the top of the head to disturb the hair to make the hair volume look a little more and create a fluffy feeling. After messing up, re-comb and tie your hair up with your fingers to loosen it up a bit.

Step 2: After tying it up, push the hair up to make the top of the head appear more. The main point of silk scarf hair is that the hair on the top of the skull must be fluffy.

step3: Wrap a small silk scarf around the place where the ponytail is tied, and spray a bit of styling spray to keep it fluffy.

In this hairstyle, the color of the silk scarf can add a lot to the shape, and the fashion is full.


  1. You can use a comb to mess up your hair to make your hair look more volume.
  2. After the ponytail is tied up, you can push it up to make the hair volume on the top of the head appear more.
  3. Spray a little setting spray to keep the fluffy feeling.

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