How does a curling iron work?

The structure of the hair can change under the effect of heat. Because by removing moisture from the hair, it is possible to redefine its shape. A curling iron (or curling iron) allows you to transform straight hair into beautiful curly fleece, while a straightener tames curls by stiffening them. However, the result obtained only


Curling iron, which one to choose?

The curling iron is the ideal accessory to change your hairstyle and style according to your desires, moods or occasions. Perfect for obtaining beautiful curly hair, which is always on trend, beauty is quick and effective. Easy to handle, curling irons can be used on any type of dry, mid-length or long hair, provided that


The birth of curlers

A hair curler, characterized in that there is an elongated cylindrical core body made hollow and provided with a through hole and a cover body. Only one end of the left and right sides of the core body is provided with a hollow part The outer part of the core body is covered with a