Short Curly Hair, Full of Style and Beauty

23 2021.12.09

Short hair also has a variety of beauty,
As long as you get the right hairstyle.
Short hair can be sexy, romantic,
Can be gentle.

Moreover, curly hair has a very revealing meaning,
It can make the hair volume more fluffy and lush,
Make hair more stylish.
Today I will share with you 5 curly hair styles,
Girls with short hair can refer to it.

Lazy curly hair/

Lazy rolls are French rolls.
It has very little sense of hierarchy,
Belongs to curly hair with large arcs.
The overall atmosphere is lazy and casual,
“Chaos” is the key.
Many French bloggers have this hairstyle.

An arc that looks like a roll but not a roll,
Gives people a very casual and comfortable feeling.
It is very suitable for matching floral skirts and knitted sweaters.
When wearing a serious suit,
Can create an effortless sense of fashion.

Due to the overall lazy and messy,
Looks very lush,
So it is very suitable for girls with low hair volume and light hair color.

The girl who wants to go the gentle route,
You can cut another thin bang.

Whether it’s the girlish bangs,
Still feminine bangs,
Combined with lazy rolls will be very smart.
It can also modify the face shape well,
Make yourself more temperamental.

Mermaid curly hair/

Mermaid roll,
Is the least picky face shape, the best care,
It is also the most feminine curly hair.

Its curl is like a mermaid tail,
Slightly buckle in the tips of the hair.
There is no obvious dividing line in the whole curl,
So it feels very light and gentle.

High cheekbones,
Girls with wide faces or more fleshy faces,
Can be embellished with bangs.

The slight curl of the inner buckle is decorated with bangs,
No face shape is a problem.

Wheat ear rolls/

The wheat ear roll is a relatively fine small roll,
Smaller than wool rolls.

Because the curl is small.
So it is easy to show the effect of explosive head.
Girls with low hair volume can consider,
Girls with a lot of hair should choose carefully.
Because this one mainly depends on appearance and temperament.

At the same time, it is also a very retro hairstyle.
Very suitable to match the 90s style of clothing,
Take the retro style of handsome personality.

Or combined with big red lips and slim clothes,
Go towards the elegant style of the 1950s and 1960s.

Cloud curls/

Yunduojuan is a bit similar to the LOB head popular in previous years.
It is a medium-length curly hair.
It is also an extended version of the BOB head,
So it also modifies the face shape very much,
And easy to take care of.

Its curl is relatively large,
The overall look is very light and soft,
Like clouds.
Therefore, it is very suitable to create a sweet style.

It’s also very suitable for workplace attire,
Create an intellectual and elegant temperament.

Mullet head/

The super hot mullet head in the past two years,
Very handsome and individual,
But it also tests the face shape.

The biggest feature of mullet head is,
The sides are relatively short,
The back tail is longer.
Like the tail of a wolf,
Therefore it is also called “Little Wolf Tail”.

This hairstyle is more suitable for girls with slapped faces,
You have to be more individualized to be able to control it.

The rusty and beautiful mullet head is a test of the stylist’s skills and review.
It doesn’t taste like a little bit if it is not cut properly.
Control of length, thickness and layering,
Hair color is the key.
Once you cut it, you can walk between handsome and sexy.

Three thousand worries of women,
In fact, looking at it from another angle,
It can also be amorous and beautiful.
No matter how long it is,
Every hairstyle has its charm.
But the point is,
We need to know which hairstyle suits us.

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