Regarding how to choose and purchase curling irons, please accept a few tips

23 2022.01.06

I believe that many girls now go out and roll their bangs directly and curl their ends to make their hair look like they have been styling, but sometimes the hair becomes dry after curling, which is not as effective as it is. The effect is that the wrong curling iron was chosen.

There are a variety of curling irons on the market, so how do I choose a curling iron? Today we will analyze the material, appearance, and function from three levels, and bring you a guide to buying a curling iron.

1. Look at the material

The material of the curling iron mainly involves two aspects: one is the material of the outer shell and the other is the material of the heating element.

(1)The plastic shell is light and has good insulation performance. The handle part is not easy to burn, and it is easy to clean, but it is not resistant to high temperatures. Although metal materials can withstand higher temperatures and are relatively advanced in appearance, they have poor insulation properties, are easily hot, and have low safety performance.

①Insulation: Plastic Material> Metal Material

②High temperature resistance: Metal material> Plastic material

③Security: plastic material> metal material

Recommended material: Insulating plastic material shell with better quality

(2) Heating element material

The heating element is the core part of the curling iron. The material used in this part directly determines the overall performance of the curling iron. The current common materials usually include ceramics, PTC and heating wires.


The ceramic heating element is very safe and environmentally friendly, and has a fast heating speed, which can reach 200 degrees in 1 minute and a half. Not only is it easy to comb the hair, but the temperature can also be controlled at a certain point, so that the hair can be heated evenly, creating a shape with more even elasticity and curls. But the disadvantage is that the life is average, and the overall cost is about 30% higher than PTC or heating wire.


The PTC heating element overcomes some of the shortcomings of the ceramic heating element, not only has a long life, high reliability, but also has the advantage of low cost. But relatively speaking, the heating speed is not so fast, which will affect the user experience to some extent.

3) Heating wire

Hair curling irons with heating wires as heating elements are rarely seen in the market. Although the cost of heating wires is very low, the temperature control is unstable, which easily leads to uneven heating, and is prone to failure, short life, and has low security

①Temperature heating rate: ceramic> heating wire> PTC

②Life: PTC> ceramics> heating wire

③Safety performance: Ceramics> PTC> Heating wire

Recommended Material: Ceramic

Tips for purchasing: When purchasing, you can check whether the heating is normal by turning on the power. When using, you can choose the appropriate temperature according to the thickness and hardness of each person’s hair to avoid damaging the hair and skin due to excessive temperature.

2. Look at the reel

On the premise of ensuring material safety and ease of use, what kind of shape the curling iron can create will undoubtedly become the most concerned part. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate curling hair according to your hair quality and model size.

(1)Reel shape

Depending on the shape of the roll, the curling rod can be divided into comb curling rods, clip-on curling rods, and automatic curling rods.

1)tooth comb curling iron

The toothed curling iron can effectively avoid the entanglement of the hair while curling the hair, thereby making the curls lighter. The disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to use, and it is not easy to shape.

2)Clip style curling iron

The clip-type curling iron can create a certain heating space for the hair through the manually controlled splint. While heating evenly, different corrugated splints can also shape different hairstyles, such as corn perm, water ripples, etc., but it is easy to cause hair damage according to Long-term heating.

3)Automatic curling irons

As a boon for beginners and lazy people, automatic curling irons have the advantages of simple operation and easy to use. You can have beautiful curls with only a short warm-up time. The hair can be automatically rolled into the curling iron, and when the time is up, the curling will be automatically prompted, but compared with the manual curling iron, the styling and curling are more simple.

①Convenience: automatic curling iron> clip-on curling iron> comb curling iron

② Variety of styling: clip-on curling iron> comb curling iron> automatic curling iron

③Ease of use: tooth comb curling iron> clip-on curling iron> automatic curling iron

Recommended shape: Clip-on curling iron, automatic curling iron

(2)Model size

The diameter of the small curling iron is about 19-20mm. It is generally used for wool rolls and egg roll hairstyles. It can also be used for styling of wheat ears. It is mostly used for curling bangs and shredded sideburns.

The diameter of the medium curling iron is about 25~28mm, which is suitable for harder hair, so that the curling effect is good and the holding time is long. It is generally used for short hair or the tail of Lob hairstyle.

The diameter of the large curling iron is about 32~35mm, and the curling iron of large diameter will be easier to roll up. Both inward curling and outward curling are suitable.

Tips for purchasing: When buying, you should choose the model according to your own hairstyle and hair quality. Girls with bangs can consider buying an extra small curling iron.

3. Additional features

Although curling irons are known as curling artifacts, long-term use will also cause damage to the hair quality. All many curling irons have some additional hair care functions to make curled hair more shiny and maintain better curl. So when choosing, you can see whether the curling iron has the following additional functions.

(1)Automatic temperature adjustment

The curling iron with an automatic constant temperature system can automatically adjust the temperature according to the temperature of the heating body, thereby giving a constant temperature to the hair and avoiding hair breakage or hair damage caused by high temperature. However, compared with manual temperature-regulating curling irons, it is less adaptable to a variety of hair types.

(2)Anion Technology

The curling iron with anion technology will place a small hole for spraying anions near the heating surface, which can spray anions during use, attach to the hair, repair the scales and form a protective layer, thereby locking in moisture and making the hair free from frizz.

Choose a small tip: Generally speaking, curling irons with more additional functions will be slightly more expensive. However, if you are a girl who uses curling irons for a long time, you should choose better quality curling irons to better protect your hair.

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