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17 2022.01.13

What kind of curly hair is best for you, popular curly hair recommendations in autumn and winter

What kind of person is best for curly hair?

I don’t know if you have found it. It seems that the trend of autumn and winter hairstyles is all contracted by curly hair. The same is curled, but it can show a lot of different shapes, which is perfect for creating a variety of styles. So what kind of people are best for curly hair? Curly hair is popular not just because of the trend, but also because it is really practical

1. A thin person

Some people are very thin, and if they are paired with monotonous straight hair, it is really nothing to watch.
It is better to do some slight curling, so that the whole body is no longer just straight lines, and the overall shape will look rich and layered.

3. People with pointed or small heads

If you have a pointed top of your head, it means that your face is not full enough. If the atrium of your face is relatively wide, the overall face shape looks narrow at the top, wide in the middle, and narrow at the bottom, showing a diamond shape.

If the hair on both sides of the temples is made fluffy and full by curling, it can better modify the head shape and face shape.

3. People with little hair

Thinning hair is easy to give people a sense of vicissitudes, and at the same time it will make the face look bigger. If the hair is permed, it will make the hair fluffy and create a sense of volume.

How to choose curly hair

1. The direction of the curly hair

Generally speaking, the direction of curling is divided into two kinds, one is horizontal curl, the other is vertical curl.

The vertical roll is actually an S roll, which extends in the vertical direction according to different widths.

The horizontal roll is a horizontal extension, and the horizontal development is like a spring, like a mutton roll, which is mostly used in retro shapes.

However, the current hairstyles are basically not complete vertical rolls or horizontal rolls, most of which are a combination of the two, using a certain degree of horizontal + vertical.
Of course, the closer it is to the S-shaped roll, the more chic and casual. The closer it is to the shape of a spring, the more gentle and feminine.

2. The direction of the curly hair

The direction of the curls can be divided into in and out, that is, inward and outward.

In the early years, inward curly hair has always been more popular, which is very suitable for introverted and gentle temperaments. However, in recent years, the trend has become outward curly hair, probably because the outward curling hair is more dashing, and the temperament appears more relaxed and free.

3. The beginning of curls

Generally speaking, the further the roll starts at the top of the head, the more mature it will be and the easier it will be to look big.

And where the curly hair is, it will start to expand from there. So, where you start curling your hair, modify where you want.

4. The number of curls

The higher the number of curls, the more voluminous, heavier, more complex and more individual the hair is.

If it is small curly hair, with a large number of curls, it will be very similar to the heroine of “Brave”.

5. The length of curly hair

The length of curly hair is divided into ultra-short, normal short, medium-length, and long hair. The length of the hair can limit the room for curls.

It is worth noting that if the number and volume of short hair are too large, it will appear that the weight of the head is too heavy.

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