Novice curling iron using skills, easy to change hairstyles

15 2022.01.10

Many women must be accustomed to traditional hairstyles and want to break through themselves, change their previous hairstyles and dressing styles, and step out of their comfort zone. At the same time, seeing many ladies dyeing and perming their hair one after another, the elegant waves look high-end and fashionable, and I can’t help but feel moved.
However, perming is still more harmful to the hair, especially for girls whose hair quality is not very good, it is better not to perm easily, otherwise the hair quality will be harder to recover.

What do we do when we want beautiful and sexy wavy curls and want to keep our hair textured at the same time? Don’t worry, we can actually try a curling iron and give ourselves a one-time big wave, which will not damage the hair quality, but also can create the style we want very well.

The curling iron is also very friendly for those ladies who like to try new things. You can change your hairstyle at will. If you are tired of looking or don’t think it looks good, you can wash your hair and restore the original look.

But there are also some beauties who are worried, what should I do if they can’t use a curling iron? Every time I go to the barber shop, the stylist comes to help us take care of our hairstyle. I have never cared about it, so I don’t know much about how the curling iron is used. Today, I will share with you ladies how to use the curling iron, so that even if you have never used it, you can quickly get started and create your own charming look.

Selection of curling irons

In fact, there are many functions of curling irons, and the effect of creating hairstyles is also completely different. When choosing a curling iron, we should also pay attention to which tail wire can be rotated 360 degrees, so that when we curl our hair, the wire will not wind up.

The diameter of the curling iron can generally be selected as 28-35 cm. The diameters in this range are more practical. The hair rolled out of these diameters is relatively natural, and the volume is also fully meet the daily needs. For the choice of the temperature of the curling iron, this is also related to your own hair quality.

If the hair is thinner and softer, you can choose a temperature range of 130-140 degrees. For normal hair, you can choose 150-160 degrees. If the hair is thicker and harder, the temperature can be appropriately increased, and choose 160-180 degrees. There is no need to choose an excessively high temperature of 200 degrees.

At the same time, the editor is here to give the sisters a little tip for hairstyle, that is, in addition to adjusting the curl of the hair, do not ignore the volume of the top of the skull.

Creating a fluffy top of the skull also has a very important impact on the entire hairstyle. In short, pad the roots of the top of the head. It seems that the entire top of the skull will be more fluffy, and the volume of hair will increase a lot, which will complement the entire face very small and delicate.

Raise the hair on the top of the head

We can first use a curling iron to clip a whole piece of hair on the top of the head. Don’t clip too much at one time, otherwise it will not be shaped well. Clip a whole piece of hair with a curling iron, and the effect of perming is different from the traditional “corn silk”, and it still looks more natural. Then put down the piece of hair that was clipped at the beginning, the whole hairstyle is fluffy and natural, there will be no clip marks on the surface, and it is impossible to see that the curling iron has been used at all.

big wavy hair

First of all, we need to separate our hair from the middle, into two areas, left and right, and then start to curl from one area, pull out tufts of hair with your hands, clamp a strand of hair with the splint of the curling iron, and hold the curling iron , the curling iron is perpendicular to the ground, then roll it out clockwise, wrap our hair, and then turn it slowly, let the curling iron stay on the hair for a few seconds, and then release the hair. After loosening the hair, we go to curl the hair below and do it in order.

When we are curling our hair, we should be careful not to ignore the ends of the hair, and the ends of the hair should also be rolled up, otherwise the whole hair will be wavy and only the ends of the hair will be straight, which looks very strange.

Curly hair is actually a technical job, but it does not mean that the threshold is low. It only needs some small skills and can be mastered with more practice.

At the end of the article, I would like to share a tip for the sisters with curly hair, that is, be sure to apply skin care essential oil on the hair before curling, whether it is using a hair straightener or a curling iron, as long as you are doing it before styling, the first step in any styling is to apply essential oils, because essential oils can resist the damage caused by high temperature to the hair.

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