How to use the curling iron

125 2021.12.22

The method of using the hair curler is to first comb the hair, take out a small bundle of hair for curling, continue to divide the rest of the hair into small bundles, perm in the order of the middle, then the ends, and then curl up. After the curl is finished, Comb through it again, fix the hairstyle, and finish. It should be noted that hair that is too wet should not be curled directly with a curling iron; curl it at different temperatures according to different parts and hairstyles.

How to use curlers

First use a comb to take care of our hair. After taking out a small bundle of hair, move the curling iron to the middle of the hair to curl and perm the hair, then rotate the hair tail for curling and perm, and then move the curling iron continuously upwards to curl the hair. Iron some of the hair. After we curl the first bundle of hair, we can continue to divide the rest of the hair into small bundles, and perm in the order of the middle, the ends, and then the curling up. After the hair curling is finished, we need to use a comb to comb all the hair. With the help of styling products, the hair can be styled to achieve a natural and fluffy effect.

Cylinder plastic curling iron for curling bangs

  1. Lift up the entire bangs first. Note: Keep your hair neat and evenly divided into pieces.
  2. Put the curling iron under the bangs with one hand, and roll up the bangs with one hand.
  3. Then buckle up the curling iron.
  4. After buckling, slide inward along the way and match the bangs with the highest point of the forehead, so that the roots of the bangs can be fluffy.
  5. At this time, the root of the bangs and the forehead are about 90 degrees at right angles, and wait about 3 minutes.
  6. Then take off the hair curler and take care of it with your hands, then you can perfectly roll your bangs with the plastic curling iron.

Precautions for using curlers

  1. It is not advisable to directly use a curling iron to curl hair that is too wet. Because too much water enters the curling iron, the inside is easy to be damaged.
  2. When curling at different temperatures according to different parts and hairstyles, do not rush to achieve results. Use high temperatures, which will not only scorch your hair, but also cause aging and damage to the heating element.

How to choose a hair curler

  1. Be sure to select products with official manufacturers and registered trademarks. It is recommended not to buy products that do not clearly indicate the manufacturer’s address, certification marks and trademarks on the packaging box, as they are not formal products and the quality is not guaranteed.
  2. Carefully read the technical specifications in the manual. Regular manufacturers will generally specify the heating material used. If the heating material is not indicated, you cannot determine what the heating element is. It is best to buy ceramic heating. Its characteristics are uniform heat generation, safety, and a certain amount of infrared rays, which is beneficial to the human body and hair.
  3. The surface of the curling rod is generally sprayed with ceramic glaze. The quality of the ceramic glaze determines the quality of the curling effect and the length of the surface’s service life. Good ceramics have a very smooth surface without any astringency. There is another kind of surface which is electroplated, and the adhesion is not as good as the ceramic glaze sprayed. It is not recommended.

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