How to use the curling iron: the secrets for a perfect look

235 2022.02.23

Ponytail, semi-crop and chignon these are the most practical and quick hairstyles, when we are in a hurry, but from time to time they can always be different and original. And with a little practice, you can transform your hair into dreamy hair in minutes, without curlers or help from the hairstylist. You just need to know how to use the curling iron correctly.
If you don’t have one, you can also use a hair plate, preferably thin and tilting, where not only the internal plates, but also the external part, heat up and you will always get an excellent result.

But first, here are some tips on how to have healthy, shiny hair:

Step 1: Divide your hair into sections

The curling iron can reach a temperature of 200 degrees. Indeed, by using heat, it can temporarily deform the hair. But at the same time, high temperatures can damage its structure. Always use a heat protection spray before using the iron. These products are able to absorb some of the heat, thereby protecting your hair from damage.

After protecting your hair, divide it into sections: use a tail comb to better section the strands. Comb them back and start with a line in the center to divide them vertically. Then make a horizontal parting at ear height. This way you will have four large sections to style separately and separate with a clip.

Step 2: wrap the strands around the iron

At this point, you can move on to styling. Turn on the curling iron (or straightener) until it has reached the right temperature. Start with the strands below the ear and divide them further into three or four more sections – the higher the definition of the curl you want, the more strands you will need to divide. Roll the strands around the iron without getting too close to the base of your head, this way you will avoid burning yourself. In addition, the result will be visually more natural with your original base. Wrap all the wire to the ends and adjust the position of the curling iron: outwards for a denser curl, downwards for a soft, bland texture.

Important: Always use a high quality iron with a temperature regulator. Models with ceramic coating are particularly gentle on the hair structure.

Step 3: how to finish styling

After 10-15 seconds you can release the lock from the iron: let it fall naturally but do not open the ring. Finish curling all the sections and let them cool for a few minutes.
Hair that is still hot can change shape and become damaged.

Suggestion: leave the front tuft for last. When you’re ready to comb through and open the curls, leave the iron in place and define the front locks, following the direction of the rest of the hair.
If you want your curls to stay intact, spray some hairspray on them.

How to avoid damaging your hair

We have already said that the curling iron reaches very high temperatures and it is essential to protect the hair from the heat to avoid damaging it.

If you have healthy hair, using the iron or soleplate once a week is no problem. However, it is advisable to use lower temperatures to style your hair if you are not familiar with these tools yet.

If, on the other hand, yours foliage seems brittle and damaged, it will be better to resort to good old hair curlers that do not require too much heat.

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