How to use a curling iron for short hair, just learn these steps

14 2022.01.12

Curly hair is more layered than straight hair, and it is more playful and cute, with a natural and natural look. So what if girls with short hair want curly hair? In fact, it can be easily done by teaching you a few steps, let us understand it together!

It is said that curly hair looks better with long hair, but short hair can also be curly. Curls are usually created at home with a curling iron. Today I will teach you how to make short hair beautiful curly hair, come and see!

  1. Plug the curling iron into a power source first. Makes the curling iron a quick preheat. Then, while preheating, divide your hair into upper and lower sections by the way. The top part is a little less, then tied with a rubber band.
  2. When starting to do curls, start with the lower part of the hair. Pull a strand of hair by hand, wrap it around the curling iron, and pull it down evenly from top to bottom. Do not stay in one place for too long as it will burn your hair. Since we are doing an inward roll, we must also pull from the outside to the inside. After the first strand is completed, start the second strand. The more detailed you are, the better the result will be.
  1. Then loosen the hair on the top half. Continue to follow the previous method, rolling inward wisps. When you’re done, just grab the hair with your hands. Then the hair will look more natural and fluffy.
  2. If you have bangs, do some perm rolls on your bangs, and adjust the strength and position of the curls according to the curvature of your face.
  1. Such a beautiful and stylish hairstyle for curly hair is done. Then you can spray it with a setting spray to make your hair look more three-dimensional and styled.

Did you all learn? Is it simple? If you are not proficient at the beginning, the effect may not be ideal. So you have to practice a lot to get the hang of it. In addition, you must be very meticulous when doing it, do it slowly, don’t be too eager for success, I hope you can do it successfully!

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