Can curly hair use a comb?

16 2022.01.12

Can curly hair use a comb

It is necessary to use a comb, and it is the most suitable to choose a comb with high density, which can ensure the curl of the hair of the household. When the curly hair is wet, you can comb it with a wide-toothed comb, and then rub it with your hands to set it. Do not use small teeth, which will not only straighten the hair but also easily damage the hair. The curly hair is combed with both hands, and the fingers are spread as a comb. While combing, use your fingers to wrap your hair around the hair (be sure to wind it in the direction of the curly hair, don’t wind it and it will become straight, and it will be the same every time. , otherwise one clockwise winding and one anti-clockwise winding, which is equal to invalid)
After shampooing, half dry your hair with a blow dryer. After shampooing, moisturizing and combing with a wide-toothed comb, the hair that is naturally blown to about 80% dry is handled with fingers. Tightly curl one inch wide hair to the ends, blow dry from root to tip until the hair is completely dry. If you have limited time, spray your hair with a moisturizing spray and brush it all back, then roll it up in a high bun to hold it in place, loosen your hair before heading out the door, shake it gently, and apply some conditioner. Hot permed hair is generally not combed straight, and it will have a curved effect when combed. If it is cold, there is a possibility. The effect of cold perm is that the wet hair is effective, but the curling effect after dry hair is not obvious, and even a little frizzy feeling, so cold perm needs to use moisturizing styling products, such as elastin. If you choose to use your fingers to take care of it, you must remember that the nails should not be too long and pay attention to the pulp of the fingers to avoid accidentally hurting the scalp. When drying your hair, don’t rub it, run the towel up the ends of your hair and squeeze dry. Then apply the gel when the hair is half damp, not when it is wet, and when the gel is applied, it is also from the end of the hair and grabs up, rather than rubbing it.

How to use a curling iron–big waves

Choose a temperature-adjustable curling iron, adjust the temperature to the first level of 200 degrees, use our heated curling iron, take out the curling iron and start perming from a 45° angle in the middle. Pick up a strand of hair for a curling perm, twisting the curling iron constantly. After loosening, perm the ends of the curls. Hold for thirty seconds to set. Take out the second strand of hair and curl it in the same way. Perm the hair one by one, and the effect will come out slowly. Spraying the setting potion will last for a long time. Use a curling iron, do not grab the hair bundles for curling at will. The hair should be divided into two parts, left and right, and divided into two to four layers from top to bottom. First, fix the upper layer of hair, start to curl the hair from the bottom, and then put the hair down in turn for curling, so as to ensure that the hair is two-dimensional. Side curls are consistent and average. Keep the hair in a slightly damp state, spray an appropriate amount of heat-resistant spray evenly on the hair, and dry the hair with a hairdryer to help the subsequent styling, effectively protect the hair from damage, and play a role in heat insulation. Choose a curling iron that is suitable for the model (diameter of the curling iron), 28MM, 32MM, 33MM, 38MM can roll out the effect of big waves, the larger the number, the bigger the volume, but the bigger the number, the bigger the wave Easy to straighten. Use prepared U-shaped hair clips to fix the bangs, which can make the hair in front of the forehead more docile, so as to achieve a better repairing effect.

Do curling irons hurt hair?

To hurt the hair, the high temperature of the curling iron will generally heat to about 200 degrees, and the hair cannot withstand such a high temperature. Once the hair is in a high temperature state, it will carbonize. The hair becomes hard and thick, lacks luster, which is the common dry and frizzy hair. Hair will lose a lot of nutrients. Disposable curling irons cannot be used every day, and good hair care will keep the hair shiny. The frequency of using the curling iron should not be too high. When perming the hair, choosing the perm tail will not hurt the hair. When perming the hair, using more hair care essential oils can effectively reduce the damage caused by high temperature perm. Curling irons hurt your hair, but you can choose a natural curling iron for perm every day, braid it for a night, or wear a headband to roll your hair on your head, and your hair will be curly in the morning.

Will the curling iron beep when I go through the security check?

The metal curling iron will sound after passing the security check, but the curling iron is a general household item, not a restricted item. A curling iron is a DIY tool for hairdressing. To buy a hair curling iron, an electric curling iron with steam function, large diameter and plastic material is generally recommended. It is better to choose a matte material with ceramic treatment on the surface, which is not only easy to comb, but also less harmful to the hair, because the shiny material conducts heat quickly, but it is easy to damage the hair and burn the hair. Bangs – the diameter of the electric curling rod is about 19~20mm, the diameter of the medium wavy curl – the electric curling rod is about 25~28mm, and the diameter of the large wave curling – the electric rolling rod is about 32~35mm. The tooth shape of the reel should not be too sharp, so as not to stab the skin, and it must have good insulation performance to ensure that there is no leakage. When purchasing, you can check whether the heating is normal by powering on it. It is best to choose a curling iron with a thermostat. When using it, you can choose the appropriate temperature according to the thickness and softness of each person’s hair to avoid damage to the hair and skin due to excessive temperature.

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