Can a curling iron be used for ion permed hair?

9 2022.01.12

Can a curling iron be used for ion permed hair?

After straightening the hair, you can use a curling iron. Both the curling iron and the hair straightening iron belong to the heating beauty generator. The curling iron is used to perm the hair. In fact, using the curling iron to pull the hair clip straight down can straighten the hair. If you want to curl your hair after straightening it, you can use a curling iron to make the hair curl.

Will curling irons affect the effect of straightening hair?

Do not curl the hair with a curling iron for a short time after the hair is straightened, it will affect the effect of straightening, and the holding time of the straightening of the hair will also be shortened. There are also techniques for blow-drying your hair after straightening, blowing from the root to the tip of the hair will make it more fluffy and natural. After perming, the hair will become more fragile, the hair will lack luster, and the hair will be more fragile. Choosing hair care products that repair and nourish can improve the hair quality. It is recommended that you use a curling iron to perm your hair about a month after straightening your hair. After straightening your hair, you should also repair your hair to improve the damage to your hair.

Do curling irons damage hair?

Curling irons are harmful to your hair.

Curling the hair with a curling iron will directly damage the hair quality, because the curling iron uses the principle of heating to curl the hair, which will cause the hair to become dry and breakable in the long run. It is recommended to choose a matte curling iron with ceramic surface. Ceramic curling irons are less harmful to hair, and steam-type curling irons can also help reduce heat damage. After washing your hair, blow your hair to half dry, and then apply hair care. Products that take good care of damaged hair.

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