10 Ways to Get Perfectly Waved Hair Without a Hot Iron

94 2022.02.21

Beautiful natural curls and waves, without forgetting the volume: here is a hair that many of us wish to have! That said, this one is not always easy to obtain without damaging your hair… Indeed, styling products and heated irons can dry out the hair and make the ends brittle.

To spare it a bit without neglecting your hairstyle, here are 10 ways to wave your hair without using hot irons. Perfectly wavy AND healthy dream hair? We say yes!

1. The blindfold technique

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The blindfold technique is really simple:

  1. Start by lightly dampening your hair.
  2. Place an elastic band around your head – think hippie style.
  3. Wrap strands of hair around the headband.
  4. Wait a few minutes.

…And there you go, you’ll have pretty wavy hair!

Here is the video technique:

2. The classic rolls

Don’t laugh too fast! Because we admit it, we too when we think of “curlers”, we think more of old photos of our grandmothers than of beautiful hair in ringlets… And yet, rollers have proven themselves!

Know that before winding the curlers, you must moisten your hair. You can choose from different formats, in order to obtain curls of different sizes.

3. The paper towel technique

Curly hair with paper towel

You read that right: paper towels! As wacky as it is, the technique seems quite effective: we separate our damp hair into four sections, which we braid around long strips of paper towels.

In this explanatory video, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, or simply wait for them to dry naturally (because the goal here is not to use a hot iron!).

And now you will have perfectly wavy hair!

Little green trick: you can reuse the paper towel strips.

4. The crown of hair

When you get out of the shower, when your hair is still wet, separate it into two sections that you will twist and then fix them on top of your head. Then, while your hair dries, take advantage of this little moment of waiting to quietly continue your morning routine.

When you undo the twists, you’ll have beautiful natural beach hair!

5. Braids at night

What do we like about this technique? We just have to braid our hair before going to bed… And hop, when we wake up, here we are with pretty curls, ready for the day!

Have fun making braids of different sizes; alternate between thicker and thinner ones to add volume to your hair.

6. Fingers

This technique is especially for those who already have curls in their hair. After applying your hair product to damp hair, wrap strands of varying sizes around your finger. Just wait a few seconds before changing the wick.

You’ll see, you’ll love the result: beautiful natural curls, just the way we like them!

7. Long live the clamps

Steps to curl your hair with tongs

Favoring a technique that does not require a heated iron has many advantages. Like the one with the pliers, explained above in pictures. It will not damage your hair, it will remain silky and the curls will look very natural.

8. The sock technique

Steps to curl your hair with socks

If you don’t know what to do with your orphan socks, here’s the solution for you: use them to create beautiful wavy hair.

Nobody will know that this magnificent result will be thanks to old stockings, it will be your little secret!

9. Bobby pins

Young woman, hair tied up with many bobby pins

Take out all the bobby pins lying around in your drawer and get to work! You may have already guessed it, the key to success for natural waves: damp hair and strands of different sizes.

For best results, let stand overnight before removing the bobby pins.

10. The relaxed bun

Woman scratching her head with bun hairstyle

We know this great classic well: the effortless bun. We must admit, he came to our rescue many times, for all those times when our hair rebelled. And this time again, it will meet your needs!

Apply volumizing mousse to your hair, then gather it into a messy bun. You will have a superb beach look and the most natural hair!

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