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94 2022.02.21

A good curling iron allows you to create beautiful, romantic and elegant curls. But how do you choose the one that will allow you to really be proud of the result and create perfectly symmetrical curls and not a messy looking hairstyle? Choose the curling iron that will make you the queen of the evening!

How to choose your curling iron

There are many excellent quality curling irons out there, so it is very easy to find the one that best suits your needs. Are you looking for a classic curling iron, a curling iron for short hair, a rotary curling iron or a blower brush? We’ll help you make the right choice by offering you the best irons in each category. But let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions:

Is your hair fragile or rather thick?

If your hair is damaged and fragile, we advise you to choose a curling iron with a ceramic surface. On the contrary, if they are more resistant, a titanium surface will be better suited.

And don’t forget:

  1. you should not expose your damaged and fragile hair to a temperature of more than 150°C;
  2. fine hair withstands a maximum temperature of 170°C;
  3. thick hair can be exposed to a temperature of up to 200°C and very resistant and unmanageable hair to a maximum temperature of 240°C.

Are you a beginner or more familiar with curling irons?

Have you ever used a curling iron before? In this case, you will be much more comfortable with an automatic curling iron, but you can also choose a classic clip-on curling iron. A conical curling iron already requires a little more dexterity, but if you manage to use it well, you can really create exceptional curls!

So if you know the answer to these questions, it’s time to take a closer look at some types of curling irons. Here is our selection.

The 5 best curling irons

Automatic curling iron

The automatic curling iron curls your hair and gives a signal when the section of hair is perfectly shaped. It requires a little more financial investment than the others, but it curls the hair with great ease.

Clip-on curling iron

Among the classic clip-on curling irons. Its cylinder has a universal diameter of 2.5 cm and its surface combines the characteristics of ceramic and tourmaline with ionizing technologies that make the hair much smoother. And you can start using it almost immediately!

Tapered curling iron

Features an ultra-smooth ceramic surface containing shards of real pearls. Its increasingly fine shape makes it possible to create very natural curls without breaking or damaging the hair. Are you terribly late and you have very little time to create a beautiful hairstyle? You will appreciate the Turbo Boost function which allows you to quickly reach the highest temperature.


The blower brush is a very special type of curling iron since it also offers the function of a hair dryer. We advise you which is perfect for daily use. It has a built-in steam function that brings all the necessary hydration to your hair while you style it. So you can be totally sure not to damage your hair.

Triple curling iron

The 3-head curler is a true hybrid of all curling irons. Ceramic allows you to create beautiful, very natural waves as well as a hairstyle with perfectly tamed small locks, a bit like the actresses of the black and white films of the 1930s.

How to properly use a curling iron?

Make sure your hair is completely dry and clean (without gel, hairspray or other product) before you start. The blower brush is the only one you can use on wet hair.

We advise you to apply a heat-protective spray before you start using your curling iron.

Start by curling the locks below by tying those above the head. Release the upper locks gradually and finish with the hair above the forehead. And There you go ! Now all you have to do is wait for your hair to “cool down” a bit and you can fix it with hairspray.

Our advice: if you really want to have perfectly shaped curls, we advise you to work with small strands, if on the contrary you want a more natural look, take larger strands.

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